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July 27, 2022

Franchise Website Development: Where Imagination Meets Creativity

By admin

Theplay store is a plethora of apps. From gaming to design to learning, whatever you want and whatever you need, it’s all there. But these apps have their independent websites. For example – When you use a certain application, you get a notification. Similarly, various websites also follow the same function. Multiple websites have been created for our usage, but the main question is, how did they get there? How were they created? Where did franchise website development all start from?


Website designing is a relatively recent phenomenon. It can be linked with graphic designing and multimedia arts and designs. This all started during the 19th CE, where WWW (World Wide Web) was birthed. Earlier websites only had simple texts in various languages and virtual scripts to convey their thoughts, which lacked a vibrant appeal and a zest. However, as soon as the world of technology grew and multiplied, designers started to experiment with colors, patterns and explore different aesthetics to appeal to the consumers. From the 19th CE to the 21st CE, website designing has seen various changes and is always improving and adapting. New stickers, new gifs, and even new emoticons are being developed, appealing to people of all age groups.

Features of Website designing:

Wouldn’t you like it when you see a fresh stack of books, properly color coordinated and neatly organized? This is one form of designing; similarly, in website designing, there are various features to follow: –

  • Navigation – This sounds pretty elementary, but it’s a necessity. The website design should be easily navigated and have easy access to encounter. The viewer should know.
  • Visuals – If a website is enticing to look at and has various aesthetics, then it makes the overall website appealing. Your website can even attract potential customers, but going very overboard and doing too much also spoils the entire look.
  • Web-friendly – No matter how informative, colorful and attractive your website looks, it’s all useless if it isn’t web-friendly. Web designers often work on the understanding of the major browser and even understand the tags and SEOs.

If you are a fresh-out-of-the-box entrepreneur or a businessman, your website acts as one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal to get more profits and reap the benefits. It also helps in showcasing your vision and mission.